Witcher 2 dev: the next gen is 'more than sheer graphical horsepower'

It's about delivering a true gaming experience, says CD Projekt

With Epic currently beavering away on Unreal Engine 4, a few developers are starting to break cover on what the next gen might hold, and Polish studio CD Projeckt is also at the forefront of developments with its new Red engine.


We recently caught up with the Witcher 2 developer and quizzed lead level artist Marek Ziemak on what he was expecting from their new Red engine, what might be in store for the next generation of consoles and whether it was all about sheer graphical horsepower.

Ziemak told us: "That's a hard question, but sure since forever it's been all about horsepower and what quality you can get out of game. BUt on the other hand games are evolving you have different controllers now like Kinect and Move so I'm sure we'll have some surprises.

"Horsepower is needed," he added, "but in the end horsepower might just be the background. It's like your car, at some stage you have enough power to do the job, then it's all about the accessories, cool features like air-conditioning or airbags. I hope the time comes when we won't have to fight about pixels on a screen, but worry more about delivering a true gaming experience."

Keep an eye out for our full Witcher 2 interview, plus an extensive hands-on with near final code on CVG soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Witcher 2 hub page for all the latest on the new Xbox 360 version and enhanced PC edition.

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