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PlayStation Move ships 10.5 million units

Sony says motion controller is "part of our DNA"

Sony has shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move units to retailers.


The latest figure comes from Sony field developer support engineer Gabe Ahn, who was speaking during a GDC panel attended by IGN.

Move is "part of our DNA" at Sony, he said, confirming that the number announced was based on shipments to retailers and not units sold to consumers, and that it includes both Move controllers and Navigation ones, which are useless without the former.

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan said recently he felt Move sales could have been stronger last year. "Across Europe, the middle part of 2011 was slower than we'd have liked," he admitted in January.

"There are few things that we have got a lot more clear-minded about in terms of targeting the family, social markets, and not being all things to all men with Move."

Yesterday the platform holder announced a new PlayStation Network Move game called Datura, which is in the works at the developer behind Linger in Shadows.

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