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Gabe Newell is worth over $1 billion

Joins Forbes list of billionaires at No.854

Business publication and professional list-maker Forbes has said Valve maestro Gabe Newell is worth around $1.5 billion.


His value places him at number 854 in the 1,226 strong list of worldwide billionaires.

Gabe (yes, we're on first name terms with him) co-founded Valve in 1996 using money earned from a decade's worth of work at Microsoft, and now holds more than a 50 percent share of privately-held Valve.

Since he doesn't disclose his finances, Forbes has estimated his value by consulting with video game industry insiders, equity analysts, investment bankers and technology analysts to ascertain what the firm is worth.

According to the publication, the most conservative estimates peg Valve's value at over $3 billion, and since Newell owns more than half of the company, simple maths dictates he's worth around $1.5 billion.

If that wasn't enough, he also knows things about Half-Life 3 and he won't tell us about it. Last month, Gabe responded to demand for Half-Life 3 info by saying Valve wants to maked sure its games are "baked" before they're announced. Whatever Gabe, you filthy rich party-pooper.

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