BioShock Infinite trailer reveals new 'Heavy Hitters' boss

Meet the "completely fearless" Motorized Patriot

2K Games has sent over a BioShock Infinite trailer revealing a new boss you'll face in the game called the Motorized Patriot.


Art director Nate Wells said the original concept for the character was a "creepily motorized Hall of Presidents animatronic George Washington".

Creative director Ken Levine added: "A couple of things make him really special besides the aesthetic of him. One is that, unlike most of the enemies, he's completely fearless. He doesn't have a sense of self-preservation so he'll just keep coming at you and coming at you."

Speaking in a just published interview, Levine told us the Motorized Patriot will be part of a wider group of "mini-bosses" you'll face in the game dubbed Heavy Hitters.

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