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10 most impressive PSN games ever

Our favourite digital delights from Sony's platform...

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Super Stardust HD


The Stardust series of games started back in 1993 on the Amiga, Atari STE, and DOS (thanks Wikipedia!), and essentially it was an Asteroids clone but a heck of a lot prettier.

Fourteen years later, the same developer - now operating under the name Housemarque - created Super Stardust HD.

It still retains that Asteroids-like gameplay, but now it's been infused with the same kind of fast-paced action and flashy, neon visuals as Geometry Wars, and runs in 1080p at 60 frames a second. Delicious.

It's just like a classic arcade game from the 80s - no story, no characters; just a high score to beat - and ultimately benefits from that as it allowed Housemarque to focus purely on honing and refining the gameplay. As a result, we've got a marvellous game with tight controls, stunning visuals and pure fun driving it.

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