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10 most impressive PSN games ever

Our favourite digital delights from Sony's platform...

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On paper, Flower sounds a bit too fruity to support a full gameplay experience. You control the wind and blow a petal around a field, but actually that's kind of what makes it so brilliant. Flower turned out to be the most blissful gaming experiences your digital coins can buy. It's also one of the few games where the Sixaxis controls actually work.

Each level starts with just a single petal emerging into a dreary world devoid of colour and life, the objective is to gently guide this petal towards closed up flowers to collect their petals. Each time you nudge in to a flower it blossoms with life and restores a little colour to the world.

Flower looks stunning in motion and is accompanied with the beautiful ethereal soundtrack, it's a game that you can chill out to and just experience.

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