Uncharted 3 'Co-Op Shade Survival Mode' coming next week

Trailer reveals new multiplayer mode for Drake's Deception

Naughty Dog has revealed a new co-op mode for Uncharted 3, arriving as DLC next week.


On March 13 ND will release the 'Co-Op Shade Survival Mode', which has players co-operating to fight off wave after wave of progressively more demanding opponents.

"There are eight rounds in total. The Djinn's ability to catch fire and teleport poses a formidable challenge to team strategy and coordination. Later rounds include highly skilled Djinn sporting extra armor and firepower so get ready for a hearty battle," explains the developer.

Different objectives will also come into play. For example, "The Marked Man round objective makes its first appearance in an Arena setting as a certain Djinn will be marked and then heavily protected by other Djinn bodyguards during the match."

Players will earn cash to level-up, making their fight easier each time they play.

The pack will cost $5.99. Here's a trailer:

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