Ubisoft Toronto 'about to announce triple-A game'

Is Jade Raymond's studio about to show off Splinter Cell?

Ubisoft Toronto, the studio headed up by ex-Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond, is about to announce its first "triple-A" game, the studio head told CVG.


Speaking from GDC in San Francisco, Raymond said building up the new Ubisoft developer has gone even better than she expected.

"We are about to announce our first big triple-A being developed by the studio," she confirmed. "I've got to say I think it's going better than I could've imagined. I'm really amazed at the team we've put together and what we've been able to accomplish and I think Ubisoft is pretty excited too. Soon we'll find out what everyone else thinks!"

Clarifying the status of Toronto's other projects, Raymond confirmed it's "100% focussed" on its new Splinter Cell game, though the mandate to create a new IP at the studio still exists.

"We're not actually working on a big new IP yet within the studio," she explained. "It's one of the mandates and we're definitely starting up some things in that direction, but we're not working on a big new IP yet. Right now we're 100% focussed on Splinter Cell."