Resident Evil 6: The most promising Resi in years

All-new details on Capcom's blockbuster sequel

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Remember when it was just the T-Virus? Now we have the T-Virus, the G-Virus, the T+G-Virus, the T-Veronica Virus, the T-Abyss Virus, the Progenitor Virus, the Uroboros Virus, Cameron's Virus, the Ancient Virus and Las Plagas. Resident Evil has lost its mind.


The backstory is an incoherent mess. Capcom are always going back and changing the history to explain inconsistencies. This isn't a good thing. But does it matter? A quick office poll - "Why do you play Resident Evil?" - reveals that most of us play it for the action, or the suspense, or the setpieces. Not one person said "For the brilliant story, of course!"

So... Chris Redfield (RE1) is still with the B.S.S.A - the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance - and is in China to stop a terrorist plot. Leon Kennedy (RE2) also returns, and is still with the Secret Service, the protectors of the US President. It's a role tested to its limits as we already know the President himself is a victim of whatever virus is sweeping across the country this time, forcing Leon to - quite possibly - slot him. Talk about a tough day at work.


There are three new characters. There's an unnamed male whose blood may hold the secret to a cure, a blonde girl who some believe is Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4, and Helen Harper, a sexy Secret Service agent who teams up with Leon Kennedy. They're always sexy, female secret agents. It's yet to be confirmed if she's sassy as well. Whether it really is Ashley is unknown. Her Resident Evil 4 voice actor Carolyn Lawrence revealed on Twitter that she wasn't asked back - but it's possible she was recast.

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In the trailer, the blonde girl is helping the unnamed dude stay alive, escorting him through dangerous areas and injecting him with an unknown substance. If it is indeed Ashley, this would be a clever role reversal: in Resi 4 Leon escorted her, but now she's the one doing the escorting. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you! The world needs you!" she shouts, highlighting both the mystery man's importance and her own role as his protector.

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