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Around the network - threelicious edition

The best things come in threes...

This week has been all sorts of awesome, not only is Mass Effect 3 out, but Assassin's Creed 3 has been announced and we've been giving away Diablo III beta keys. Notice a pattern forming there? GDC has been in full swing too with David Cage talking about his new demo, Epic talking Unreal engine 4 and Ken Levine revealing more on BioShock Infinite. Good times! But of course our esteemed colleagues have also been hot on the trail bringing you all that's best in gaming and here's what they've been writing about this week. Check them out. They're aces.


Games Radar:

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Official PlayStation Magazine:

Actress behind Quantic Dream's PS3 Tech demo

Journey Interview

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

Want the best Mass Effect 3 ending? Don't worry about Galactic Readiness

Minecraft Xbox 360: memory limits, mods, splitscreen and free updates

Bioware talks Mass Effect 4, DLC plots and Xbox 720


Hands on: new iPad review

New iPad vs iPad 2: Which should you choose?

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