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Street Fighter X Tekken Vita video teases motion controls

Touch and motion gestures added to Vita version?

Capcom assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano goes mental in the below video, seemingly demonstrating some new touch screen and motion controls for the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken.

It's little more than a teaser at this point as, according to Andrisang, he doesn't anything to confirm exactly what he's doing. That, apparently, will be announced in April.

Some text near the end does, however, say that the game's "play style" is still in development. It also shows a short clip of Vita gameplay footage at the end, which is nice.

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Capcom sparked yet more DLC-related controversy recently when fans raged over the discovery that 12 supposedly 'DLC' characters for Street Fighter X Tekken are actually already on the disc.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]