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Fraud charge against Activision dismissed

Publisher awarded minor victory in West/Zampella battle

A Los Angeles judge dismissed one of two fraud charges brought against Activision in its ongoing legal battle with former Infinity Ward bosses Frank West and Vince Zampella.


The judge ruled yesterday that the fraudulent-inducement claim made by West and Zampella should not go forward.

The other, a promissory fraud claim, will stand.

These charges were added to the original lawsuit from 2010, as West and Zampella claim to have been strung along until they'd finished Modern Warfare 2 before being fired.

Activision says that the pair were fired for making plans with rival publisher EA to open a new development studio.

Remaining claims will stand for the trial on May 7.

West and Zampella formed Respawn and signed with EA in 2010 after Activision fired and removed the Call of Duty co-creators from the Infinity Ward premises.

[ SOURCE: Bloomberg ]