Mass Effect anime is all about James Vega

Get a sneak-peek at it here

EA is going anime crazy with its franchises. Along with a sketchy looking Dragon Age anime, it's also whipping up an anime based on the Mass Effect universe.


Attendees of SXSW, a music, film, and interactive entertainment conference and festival held in Austin, got their first look at the anime over the weekend and now you can get your eyeballs on it too.

In the video below, Funimation's Justin Rojas confirms the exploits of James Vega, a new character introduced in the third Mass Effect, will be the focus of the anime, and discusses the process of adapting the series into an anime. Head down to the bottom for a closer look at some shots and concept art from the anime.

EA has responded to fan anger regarding Mass Effect 3's day one DLC potentially already being on the game disc.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]