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Microsoft raises XBLA gamerscore cap

XBLA Achievement policy set to change in April, confirms MS

Microsoft has confirmed reports that games released via Xbox Live Arcade will soon be allowed to award players up to 400 gamerscore.


MS will raise the standard gamerscore cap on XBLA titles from the current 200 to 400 from April 1. The maximum allowed number of achievements will raise from 20 to 30.

Xbox360Achievements, who sparked initial rumours of the changes, also reports that under the new policy, DLC expansions for XBLA games will be allowed to include an additional 100 gamescore spread over up to eight Achievements per update (an increase from 50 gamerscore and five achievements per update at present).

And XBLA developers will be allowed to release up to four of these DLC packs - one per calendar quarter - instead of three.

That would give XBLA titles the potential to offer up to 800 gamerscore.

Games released between April 1 and May 31 will have the option of following the new or old system. As of June 1, all XBLA games will use the new policy, confirms Microsoft.