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'Donkey Kong 3D' spotted on shop shelves

Mock up boxes reveal upcoming 3DS title?

In what is either one of the most interesting retailer leaks or elaborate hoaxes in recent memory, boxes for a Donkey Kong 3D title on 3DS have apparently been snapped sitting on shelves at EB games.


A photo of the mock-up boxes sitting on the retailer's pre-order shelves has surfaced, clearly showing a 'Donkey Kong 3D' logo above art of Donkey and Diddy Kong, and underlined with the words 'coming 2012'.

Users on the DKVine forum this picture came from also claim that the game is available for pre-order in store, despite an EB Games rep telling Shacknews there's no such SKU in their system, and there would need to be for customers to be able to place a pre-order. No SKU, no pre-order.

It's worth noting the Super Smash Bros. boxes in the shot stating a 2012 release, which would seem unlikely since the dev team has been hard at work on Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Is this a game store employee's idea of 'making a funny' or should we be excited for at least one 3DS surprise this year?