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David Jaffe 'couldn't care less about next-gen', uses the word 'f***'

Potty-mouthed God of War creator bemoans budget increase

Outspoken God of War creator, David Jaffe has said he "couldn't care less" about the prospect of next-generation game consoles.


Speaking to our colleagues at Edge, the potty-mouthed designer said he's not excited at the prospect of new hardware because of increased development budgets and, simply put, he's seen it all before.

"I couldn't care less about next-gen," he told Edge ahead of the European release of Twisted Metal this Friday. "I started at Sony Imagesoft doing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games, and I went through that to PS1, then PS2, PS3, Vita... You go through the cycle enough and you realise today's 'Oh my fucking God' is tomorrow's 'Ehh, whatever'.

"Ultimately, this is all going to be yesterday's news and it's about the experience, the game. Unless we're talking about holodecks, or AI that's so amazing it can actually write a compelling story around you procedurally based on your choices, I'm not interested."

Jaffe is preparing to leave Eat Sleep Play, the studio he co-founded in 2007, at the end of this month. The designer's set to start his own studio and looks set to walk away from the type of big-budget console games he's traditionally been associated with.

Jaffe's new company will instead have a broad remit spanning mobile and browser games, because he claims new console hardware will make it much harder for the more ambitious projects to get made.

"I'm no longer that excited about next-gen technology; it means budgets go up," he explained. "It sucks. The biggest thing I want is what you get from the PSP and the 3DS - it's always on, there's a sleep mode and I can just hit a button and I'm right back where I was and I don't have to go through all the boot-up shit."