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Home gets secret-filled Journey space

Marks the release of thatgamecompamny's anticipated PSN game

PlayStation Home will go offline at 8am UK time this Wednesday for "routine maintenance", and when it returns there'll be a special treat in store.


Sony and thatgamecompany will launch a new space based on the developer's anticipated PSN game, Journey.

The space will, it seems, take on the same sandy look as the exploration adventure (Home screenshot pictured), but Sony isn't saying what you'll find in it.

"Immerse yourself in the mysterious beauty of the Journey space and see if you can unlock its secrets," it teases.

Elsewhere in Home, retailer GAME is releasing the third in a series of arcade cabinets, this one titled 'Superhero Madhouse' - a 2D side-scrolling 8-bit beat-em-up with five levels to play through.

Hit the source link for more on this week's Home update, and check out our Journey review here.

[ SOURCE: EU PS Blog ]