Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter raises $3.3 million

Dev promises game will be 'better than Grim Fandango'

The Kickstarter driver for Double Fine's old school point-and-click adventure game has come to a close, with an impressive $3.3 million raised for the project.

Dollar, dollar, bill y'all

Tim Schafer and company set a goal of $400,000, which it reached in mere hours. A total of 87,142 backers have forked over $3,336,371 to help the Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and Full Throttle designer take another crack at the classic genre.

According to Kickstarter's stat tracker, the majority of pledges were in the 15-60 dollar range. 47,946 backers pledged the minimum amount of $15. 24,636 kicked in $30, 1,090 gave $60.

However, four backers committed $10,000, earning themselves lunch with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, a tour of the Double Fine's studio, and all previous reward tiers.

The team celebrated on a livestream, where Schafer also promised the game will be "ten times as good as Grim Fandango". A tall order indeed.