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FIFA Street review - 9/10 in OXM US

"Reinforces FIFA's standing as EA's top sports brand"

We're a nation of football lovers. Whether it's watching on TV, shouting from the stands or hitting the virtual field in a game of FIFA, we just can't get enough.


While we're still eagerly awaiting info on FIFA 13, EA has given us a trick-happy, five-on-five spin-off title to tide us over.

Our friends at OXM US have delivered their FIFA Street review, awarding the game a whopping 9/10 and saying it "reinforces FIFA's standing as EA's top sports brand".

The reviewer reckons FIFA Street "puts the outstanding FIFA 12 engine to work replicating futbol's fine tradition of backlot showmanship, with terrific results", and goes on to add that "even folks relatively unfamiliar with soccer will find a lot to love here".

"Excellent visuals and extremely smooth animation", a "spectacular World Tour mode with a huge number of challenges and unlockables" and "outstanding online integration" are all listed as standout features of the game.

Sounds like a winner. Will any of you be picking this up on Friday?

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In other FIFA news, EA has announced a new update designed to increase security for the FIFA Ultimate Team and EA Sports Football Club areas of FIFA 12.