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Capcom SVP 'wishes Street Fighter X Tekken DLC had been handled differently'

Christian Svensson says company could have communicated better with fans

Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson feels the company could have handled the release of Street Fighter X Tekken downloadable content better by communicating with fans.


In an interview with GameInformer, Svensson was asked about the recent uproar after fans discovered Street Fighter X Tekken DLC already on the disc.

He admitted there had been a communication breakdown between Capcom and players, but said it's a tricky situation as consumers aren't able to appreciate the business side of development.

"It came down to a development process issue more than anything," he said. "I wish it had been done differently. I think it just becomes - the rationality of what content costs to make and how you fund that content doesn't come into play here for the consumer. It's an emotional issue that I think we need to be sensitive to.

"The other part of this is we could have had a better communication strategy around this back at the outset. Left to their own devices, consumers will always jump to the worst possible conclusion. I think what you'll see in the coming weeks the conclusions that were jumped to were not the correct ones."

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