BioShock Infinite trailer shows off the Handyman

Powerful, gigantic bosses are surprisingly agile

2K Games has sent over new a BioShock Infinite trailer showing off one of the game's Heavy Hitter bosses, the Handyman.


Powerful, gigantic yet agile, the Handymen characters were first revealed in the BioShock Infinite announcement trailer.

Creative director Levine says: "I think their coolest ability is they can pick up AIs, friends or foes, and toss them at people, so I think that everyone around them finds them quite terrifying including, sometimes, your enemies, because they just become tools of the Handyman to get at [protagonist] Booker."

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Last week 2K sent over the first Heavy Hitters trailer, showing off the Motorized Patriot.

Speaking in a interview with CVG, Levine said the Heavy Hitters will add more variety and strategy to the franchise's combat.

A new Heavy Hitter is set to be revealed next week.