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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - 'We're not remaking Resident Evil 2'

Slant Six lead producer Peter Doidge-Harrison on the Resident Evil spin-off

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We've seem Nemesis, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the trailers but what other characters, cameos and fan service can we look forward to seeing in ORC?

We've taken a lot of the characters and creatures from the original series and used them to weave the story and to create unique gameplay moments. You'll meet Carlos and Nicholai from RE3, Ada from RE2 and Jill Valentine from the original RE game to name a few.

You'll get to fight the classic Licker from RE2, and the T-103 Tyrant in the streets and hallways of Raccoon City. Of course fans will also get to play as some of their favourite characters in Heroes Mode.

You get a really good choice of characters to play in the single player game. How did you develop the USS squad characters, who's your favourite and why?

We spent a long time with Capcom brainstorming the theme for the group. We started with HUNK's gasmask and black uniform, and extrapolated from there. We wanted to make all the characters play a little differently to create gameplay variety and give the players as much choice as we could, so for example you have an explosives expert with more armor and sticky grenades to use, a stealth reconnaissance operative with a cloaking ability and a hardcore female assault character, Lupo, with strengths in weapon use and a beserker-style ability called Super Soldier.

Their personalities evolved from some brief bios that we put together, and we worked with the creative team at Capcom to differentiate them while keeping a consistent feel to the squad. My personal favourite is the field-scientist character Four-Eyes. I really like the pheromone grenades she has. They cause havoc with the zombies when you lob them at your opponents in multiplayer, and they can be used to control the zombies to your advantage in tight spots in the campaign too.


Can you tell us a little bit about the experience system and how it will work - what new skills can your characters earn?

The XP system allows you to earn points in a number of ways. Retrieving items, achieving objectives and completing campaign missions allow you to score points in the same way that killing enemies, zombies and B.O.W.s in multiplayer does. They all count towards your overall XP score which you can use to unlock new and upgraded weapons and a large tree of abilities.

Each character class has five abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded with additional XP. I've mentioned a few already, but some of my favourites are the assault character's incendiary rounds, which set zombies on fire on contact, and the recon character's Mimicry ability which allows you to take on the appearance of an enemy that you tag - great for confusing opposing players in versus matches.

The medic Bertha is really useful for curing infection and the adrenaline shot gives your friendly players a boost when they need it. The surveillance character Specter has a number of vision modes which can be used to spot B.O.W.s or other players, and a proximity detector which helps guard your back when you're trying to snipe, just to give you a few examples.

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