'I haven't played a smartphone that comes close to the quality of decent console games'

Have you?

On last week's mailbox David Anderson got in touch to ask why customers are being charged for features that are part of the original package when buying used.

This week we've got Adam Cafolla who, despite becoming hopelessly addicted to Angry Birds, doesn't think there's a game out there that comes close to the quality of a decent console release.

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I recently upgraded my phone to a shiny new Android smartphone, and I'm now officially addicted to Angry Birds. It's hard not to be - it's a fabulous game. It looks great, the controls and physics feel tight and balanced, and it perfectly walks the line between frustration and that eternal feeling of 'just one more go'.

"So I'd best get to my point. Yes, Angry Birds is brilliant, especially for free, but I haven't played any other smartphone game that comes close to the quality of decent console games. I've dabbled in a few RTSs and RPGs but not been impressed, and while there are a few throwaway puzzle games that provide some distraction, that's about the only genre that works.


Far from being the DS-slayers that analysts have been proclaiming, I find that most smartphone games are on a par with the free Flash games that have been available online for years and that my new smartphone is only useful as a gaming device because I happen to be carrying it when my 3DS is at home.

Nintendo have no more to fear from smartphones then they did from online Flash games, but if Rovio are planning a Wii U version of Angry Birds... well, I won't complain.

Nintendo Gamer says: There are plenty of decent smartphone games, but very few that match the depth or finesse of a proper game made for a proper handheld. So yes, you're right: Nintendo needn't fear the smartphone.

CVG says: We're not so sure, there's a number of games that offer very impressive gameplay experiences, Epic Games' Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade 2 stand out as the most obvious examples.

Sure a lot of the games available on iOS and Android might not be able to provide the kind of production values we get from a console game, but they are a device that have become capable of providing very pure, gameplay experiences. They thrive on simplicity, Angry Birds is the perfect example of that.

We wouldn't totally discount mobile devices yet...