South Park: The Game - An RPG to laugh at

Show creators bring South Park to consoles...

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South Park has always had a close relationship with videogames. The episode 'Make Love, Not Warcraft' was set almost entirely in Blizzard's MMO. Cartman, desperate for the release of the Nintendo Wii, once tried to freeze himself in his fridge. And Stan and Kyle became musical sensations after scoring a million points in Guitar Hero.


So it's a perfect fit. The show feels right at home on 360, and with Obsidian behind it - creators of Fallout: New Vegas - this won't be some flimsy spin-off title. It's being written by show creators (and voice actors), Trey Parker and Matt Stone, so even if the game turns out to be rubbish (which is unlikely), it's at least guaranteed to be funny.

In the game you play as a kid who's just moved to South Park, and is trying to become friends with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. It's a full-scale RPG, featuring turn-based combat inspired by the Paper Mario series. Enemies will include ginger kids, hippies, goths, underpants gnomes and many more, all taken from the series' vast archive of episodes. Plenty for the developers to work with, then, but it'll be interesting to see if they can translate the show's biting satire to a game.


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