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New iPad on sale today - First reviews, video

Fans queue on the streets, but is it worth the trouble?

You might have seen some men queuing in the streets this morning - they're waiting for the new iPad (or possibly those new Nike trainers), which smashes into the shops like a tablet atom bomb today.


Some people had been queuing for more than a week outside Apple's London Regent Street store, and at the front of the queue was 21-year-old Zohaib Ali - the same man who spearheaded the queue for PS Vita.

The release of the new tablet, which boasts specs including an updated 'retina display' screen, A5X dual-core processor and quad-core graphics, has reportedly caused a 324% rise in tablet trade-ins.

Epic Games, which announced a brand new Infinity Blade game in San Francisco last week, has pointed out how the new iPad has more memory and a higher resolution than Xbox 360 and PS3.

New iPad UK pricing starts at £399 for the 16GB model, £479 for 32GB and £559 for 64GB. The price of an iPad 2 has been slashed to £329.

Considering splashing the cash? Stick your eyes on our shop guide and new iPad review round-up first. They might save you some cash, or more likely cause you to go to an Apple store.

[ SOURCE: Tech Radar ]