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Shenmue HD port 'completed over a year ago'

Sequel also reportedly "real" and coming to XBLA and PSN

A new report claims Sega definitely intends to release HD ports of Shenmue and its sequel, but exactly when will depend on whether it caves to fan demand for a third game in the series.


Earlier this week the publisher teased that it "may be working on" a HD re-release of the beloved Dreamcast RPG. And now an industry source has told GamerZines that an HD port of Shenmue is definitely heading to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network - and that development on it wrapped up over 12 months ago.

"Shenmue HD is real [and has been] finished for well over a year," they said. "As is Shenmue II HD".

The site was informed that Sega's been holding off releasing the first HD port until it works out if it's making Shenmue III or not. One way or another, it seems there's more Shenmue coming, we just don't know how many games or when.