10 impressive PC digital download games

PC titles that make us weak at the knees...at our desktop

This week we're taking a look at some of our favourite games available for digital download on PC. In putting this list together we've intentionally focused on the smaller titles, but as always we encourage you to share your favourites in the comments below.

So without further ado, let's jump in with our first entry...

Frozen Synapse


Frozen Synapse is a tactical, simultaneous turn-based strategy-shooter... thing? Whatever it is, it defies conventional genre categorisations. It's a game all about tactical planning and out-witting your opponent. It's the thinking man's competitive action game.

Since both players take their turns at the same time gameplay is all about predicting what your opponent is going to do next. The game switches between a planning phase and the result, both players plan their moves and, when ready, hit the prime button, the game will load the results and the action will play out. If you've played tactically and intelligently, you'll see your team laying waste to the opposing units. If you haven't, well you know...

Adorned with a simplistic art style which dresses up the world in contrasting neon colours, Frozen Synapse looks unlike any other game released this generation. The closest comparison we can think of is something like Geometry Wars. A fantastic and suitably sci-fi sounding original score, with vibes of Deus Ex and Mirror's Edge, compliments the visuals and action too.

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