Ninja Gaiden 3: First DLC screens

Two new weapons and two Clan Battle Stages shown

Here are the first screenshots showing off some free download content goodies on their way to Ninja Gaiden 3.


The shots were scooped by Famitsu, via Andriasang, and show two weapons - the Eclipse Sythe and the Moukinsou - and two Clan Battle Stages, one set in a desert and the other in a submarine.

Andrisang reports that the Scythe slows Ryu's attacks but has a long reach with devastating power, while the Moukinsou is a claw weapon attacked to your hands and legs allowing for rapid-fire combos.

The DLC is yet to get a release date, but will be free, and followed by paid DLC.

The game will be out on March 20 and March 23 in US and UK respectively.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]