Dishonored screens show off steampunk city

There's a Half-Life City 17 vibe, with hints of BioShock too

Bethesda has released new screens from Dishonored, Arkane Studios' first-person infiltration and assassination title.


Arkane is lined with top development talent, including Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith, who is serving as co-creative director, and Viktor Antonov, who designed Half-Life's City 17, and is now creating Dishonored's Steampunk-inspired world of.

This new batch of screens shows off a few of the settings in the game and, unsurprisingly, there's a Half-Life vibe to it, with hints of BioShock too.

There are also a few close-ups of characters, which you'll be getting a lot of given that you're going to be shivving, gunning and magically killing most of them throughout the game as Corvo, the wrongly convicted bodyguard of an Empress.

Have a look at the first Dishonored gameplay video to see how it's shaping up in motion.