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Devs call for 'always-on' next-gen consoles

Multiple developers lay out their hopes for next-gen

Next-generation consoles need to be more than just 'more powerful', but what do developers want from the new machines?


Game Informer magazine asked this question to a number of the big names in the industry and, aside from an increase in raw power, there were other common requests for Sony and Microsoft to consider.

Always-on functionality - and the benefits to online connectivity this would offer - appeared to be one of the most prominent requests among developers.

Epic Games' Rod Fergusson said he wants to see the next console give him "the ability to play anywhere and anytime".

"Find some way to bring that all together [so] that I can play what I want to wherever is am," he added.

Amir Rao of Supergiant Games would agree. "I would love a clear way that digital games could be a big part of this always-connected console that you could very easily access content from big, triple-A studios to small independent ones," he said.

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe would appreciate the speed of such a console. "I'd like it to always be on like my PSP or DS," he told GI. "A barrier for entry for me as I get older is ... going through all the logos and loading bullshit."

Ted Price of Insomniac Games also hates waiting, simply requesting "instant load times", which isn't likely, but faster loading times were another common request.

Also common in on the list was a greater focus on online connectivity as a whole, cloud gaming, improved motion control titles and no more buttons.

We personally want virtual reality eyewear and a console that can make us some tea and toast as we play.

Unfortunately Microsoft, whose next console has been showered with rumoured reports recently, has said it won't be showing off any next-gen hardware this year.