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Microsoft patented an Xbox gaming helmet

And some crazy fandangled glasses too

In 2010 Microsoft filed a patent for an Xbox visual headset, presumably in anticipation of making Kinect players look a little goofier than they already do waving their arms around.


PatentBolt reports that the platform holder was looking into two styles of headset. The first was an aviation styled helmet, while the second was a pair of sunglasses compatible with MP3 players, smartphones and other devices.

According to the site, the devices would "enable the wearer to view images from a computer, media player, or other electronic device with privacy and mobility" and could also be adapted for stereoscopic displays. Since the eye can't focus on images less than a few centimetres away, a compact display system could have been used to provide the image.

The only problem was creating an image using compact, robust optical arrangement threatens the quality of the image. To solve this, Microsoft proposed to use a virtual image projector with a "laser configured to form a narrow beam, first and second dilation optics, first and second redirection optics, and a controller. The first and second dilation optics each have a diffraction grating," whatever that means.

Obviously it's important to remember that these devices might never see the light of day, but we'd like to see them hit mass market, even if it's just for the lulz.

Last week, Microsoft said there will be no next-generation Xbox at E3 in June.