SWTOR: Massive Crew Skill changes list for Update 1.2

Developer details long list of changes

BioWare has issued a lengthy brief on the changes that Star Wars: The Old Republic players can expect from the upcoming title update 1.2.


Specifically, 'Update 1.2: Legacy' will bring a great number of changes and improvements to the game's Crew Skill system, which has proved to be quite popular.

"The Crew Skill system has been incredibly popular," said the game's Principal Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller.

"Every week in-game, 52 million items are produced or harvested, 4.5 million item mods are installed and more than 35 million items change hands. Players actively participating in the Crew Skill system are generally better geared and have more credits in the bank than pure consumers.

"That said, we still believe the Crew Skills can be made better," he added, before detailing changes for each of the game's professions. Ready for a good read? Check out the full brief over here.