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Batman: Arkham City PC corrupt saves patch released

Update rescues save files for some

Rocksteady has finally crawled out of its Batcave and released an update to tackle the save game corruption issues that have been plaguing Batman: Arkham City players on PC for months.


A number of Batman: Arkham City players have been the victims of a rogue glitch that, without warning, corrupts save files making them unusable.

Rocksteady has finally released a fix patch via Steam (Origin and Games for Windows Live versions on the way) that should fix the problem and, for a lucky few, restore their corrupted save files.

The update also tackles some other issues. Here are the patch notes:

- Occurrences of Save File Corruption
- Achievement re-locking issues
- Crossfire/SLI Issues
- Graphical flickering
- FPS improvements when running crossfire
- Instances of 32 bit memory problems
- Improvements to performance in cut scenes and death taunts
- Error messages removed when patching the game and improved patching process

[ SOURCE: Via Shack News ]