Bayonetta joins Anarchy Reigns, first screens

As a pre-order bonus in Japan

Platinum Games' pistol-packing witch Bayonetta will be appearing as a playable character in Anarchy Reigns, the studio's upcoming online third-person action game.


However, according to Famitsu, the curvaceous Umbra witch will only be available as a pre-order bonus in Japan, at least for now. Sega is expected to make a formal announcement later this week, when it'll hopefully mention whether us Westerners will get to play as her too.

Bayonetta joins MadWorld's hero Jack, who is also making a cameo appearance in Anarchy Reigns.

We're also holding out hope Sega will hint at a Bayonetta sequel. Hideki Kamiya, producer of the original, has said he wants to announce a new title this year.