BioShock creator saddened by Mass Effect 3 ending controversy

Ken Levine doesn't think a new conclusion to the trilogy would really please anyone

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine and a senior creative director at BioWare-Mythic have both had their say on the furore caused by Mass Effect 3's ending.


Players aren't entitled to demand control over how a game should end, the developers said during a panel at the Smithsonian museum as part of its The Art of Video Games exhibition, which was attended by The Verge.

BioShock creator Levine said: "I think this is an important moment. I think if those people got what they wanted and (BioWare) wrote their ending they would be very disappointed in the emotional feeling they got because ... they didn't really create it.

"I think this whole thing is making me a little bit sad because I don't think anyone would get what they wanted if that happened."

BioWare-Mythic senior creative director Paul Barnett also said: "If computer games are art than I fully endorse the author of the artwork to have a statement about what they believe should happen.

"Just as J.K. Rowling can end her books and say that is the end of Harry Potter. I don't think she should be forced to make another one."

There's been something of a public outcry over the ending of Mass Effect 3 following the game's launch earlier this month.

In our reader Mass Effect 3 ending poll 86% of respondents said they felt BioWare blew the trilogy's conclusion.

The game's director, Casey Hudson, has defended Mass Effect 3's ending, but most recently BioWare dropped hints it could still change it, assuring fans that the studio's "paying attention" to feedback and taking everything into consideration.

Last week, BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly said the company plans to properly discuss the Mass Effect 3 ending, but doesn't want to do so until more people have had a chance to play the game.

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