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Zynga buys Draw Something dev for $200m

EA backs PopCap after stock drop

OMGPOP, makers of wonderful time-eater Draw Something, has been snapped up by casual game giant Zynga.


The studio has rocketed to stardom thanks to its asynchronous pictionary game, which has racked up an impressive 30 million downloads in just five weeks.

According to Facebook, OMGPOP's app has also reached 10.8 million active daily users, overtaking Zynga's 8 million Words With Friends users and no doubt catching its attention in the process.

AllThingsD reports Zynga swooped in and dropped a cool $180 million on the table, with an additional $30 million or so in employee-retention payments.

Zynga has very much dominated the social game space on Facebook, primarily with its numerous 'ville' games. A couple of years ago it bolstered its portfolio by acquiring Newtoy, the developer of the fiendishly addictive Words With Friends.

However, it's not all candy and roses for Zynga, it was recently been hit with multiple claims of plagarism, coming under fire for allegedly cloning Nimblebit's Tiny Tower and also Buffalo Studios' Bingo Blitz.

Many are of the opinion EA, which is also believed to have been interested in OMGPOP, have dropped the ball by allowing Zynga to beat it to the punch. It's acquisition of Peggle dev last year put it in the running to overtake Zynga in the social game space, but that may not be the case anymore.

Since the deal Zynga's stock value has increased by 33 cents, while EA's has fallen nine cents. John Reseburg, EA Corporate Communications, was seemingly unphased and commented by reaffirming the strength of its own social games studio, Popcap.

"This reinforces the value of PopCap, a studio with multiple proven intellectual properties," he told GamesIndustry International.