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Retake Mass Effect charity drive ends: 'Fans' voices have been heard'

Campaign asking BioWare to change Mass Effect 3's ending raised $80,000

Organisers of a petition asking BioWare to change Mass Effect 3's controversial ending have ceased taking donations.


The Retake Mass Effect campaign raised $80,000 for Child's Play, a charity which last year spent $3.5 million on gaming equipment for sick children in hospitals. 4,116 people contributed to the Mass Effect charity drive.

Child's Play actually requested that the campaign be brought to a close due to concerns that several sources had incorrectly assumed a link between the charity and the petition, or outright support of the petition by the charity.

Nevertheless, Retake Mass Effect organiser Robb said fans' voices had been heard, as evidenced by BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka's open letter to the Mass Effect community earlier this week, in which he promised to address the third game's ending with "game content initiatives" that will provide "more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey".

"Make no mistake. This effort has been victorious," Robb wrote. "I have been provided many eloquent arguments against winding down the drive and I appreciate them. In the end, however, I believe that now is the time for this phase of the process to come to a close.

"Retake Mass Effect is not over by any means; Dr. Myzuka's statement was welcome, but did not directly address our concerns. You have been heard. Now it is time to make sure they get the details right :)

"My sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported this effort whether through donations, publicity, or kind words."

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