Street Fighter X Tekken DLC coming in April

New colours, costumes and combos

Capcom has confirmed it will begin pumping out DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken from April 3 in Japan.


The first batch of DLC will include a new character colour set and new auto-combos, and will be free to download. A few new costumes per character will be priced at 80 Microsoft Points (69p), or 1040 MS Points (£8.91) for all 19 Tekken characters and the same for all 19 Street Fighter ones.

Capcom hasn't said anything about a western release for the DLC, but expect details soon.

Last week the publisher confirmed that the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken DLC which introduces new characters to the game will cost £16, $20 or 1600 MS Points.

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]