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GameStop puts final nail in GameCube's coffin

Will cease all GameCube product trade-ins from April 2

Time to get all emotionally nostalgic. GameStop will finally cut off trade-ins for GameCube products on April 2. Sniff...


The US retail giant has managed to keep the system alive for all these years, and offers some of Nintendo's best ever games (Metroid Prime 2, anyone?) at dirt cheap prices for the shrewd budget gamer or nostalgic Nintendo collector alike, but it's finally had enough.

"GameStop will no longer accept the trade of GameCube games, accessories or systems," reads a notice on the retailer's site (thanks Joystiq), with April 2 in big print.

Oh well, that little happy box of gaming gold will soon disappear from shelves and this editor would be tempted to grab a couple before they do, if I didn't already have five. All bases covered.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]