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Warren Spector talks over Epic Mickey 2 gameplay footage

And STILL refers to PS3 and 360 as "next-gen platforms"

Remember that really annoying period, about a year after PS3 and 360 had been out, when marketing people were still calling them 'next-gen platforms'?

Well those consoles are now knocking on for SEVEN years old, and Mr. Warren Spector, bless him, is STILL calling them 'next-gen'. Epic Mickey 2 will be on Wii and "next-gen platforms". GAAAH!

Doesn't it niggle you, just a little bit? Don't you just want to bash his door down and say "HELLO! They're 'CURRENT-gen', bro. 'Next-gen' doesn't mean 'HD'. STOP IT!"?

No? Just us then.

So... ahem. New Epic Mickey 2 footage, with words from Warren Spector.

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