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Silent Hill Vita delayed

Game slips from March, with retailers now pointing to a May release

Silent Hill: Book of Memories has been delayed from March to an unspecified launch date, publisher Konami has confirmed.


Joystiq noticed that online retailer Amazon and rental service Gamefly are now carrying a May 31 North American release date for the Vita title. This is a Thursday, so it's likely only a placeholder given most games launch on Tuesdays in the States.

Book of Memories was originally set to launch in February, around the same time as Sony's new handheld, but was then pushed to March 27 to tie in more closely with this month's release of Silent Hill: Downpour on PS3 and Xbox 360, and the Silent Hill HD Collection for the same platforms. See what we thought of the former in our Silent Hill: Downpour review.

A Konami representative told RipTen: "Unfortunately Book of Memories has been delayed. Stay tuned for a more formal announcement."