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Assassin's Creed 3 team 'looking at Red Dead Redemption success'

Similarities down to "convergence of minds", says writer

Similarities between Assassin's Creed 3 and Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption are down to "a convergence of minds", says AC3 lead writer Matt Turner.


Speaking to journalists at a London reveal event last week, Ubisoft said that when Red Dead released mid-way through AC3's development, it was surprised to see Rockstar had included wild animal hunting and a giant frontier to explore - features both planned for its own sequel.

Writer Turner told CVG Ubisoft's now looking at Red Dead's success and trying to take the formula in "new directions".

"I think it's a convergence of minds. When people are thinking about the same topic at the same time, they're bound to have some ideas come around at about the same moment," he explained.

"We'd been working on the animal and the frontier stuff and then [Red Dead Redemtpion] came out. We saw it, played it cover to cover, and it was less of an 'oh shit' and more of a 'aha! How can we do better than that?'

"Because that's something that Rockstar does - it always strives to be the best. They always try to push things in new directions and I think we need to do the same thing."

He added: "As a team we saw how good [Red Dead] was and how they had tonnes of success and we were like, 'OK, let's look at their success and see how we can take it in new directions.' That's what I think we've tried to do."

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