BioShock Infinite: Latest video unveils the Siren

Latest Heavy Hitter enemy raises the dead

Irrational has released its latest BioShock Infinite video detailing another of the game's Heavy Hitters mini-boss types, the Siren.

Creative director Ken Levine explains: "The Siren is sort of our nod to a major social movement at the turn of the century which was a sense of the spiritual world... I mean people actually talking about contacting the dead and speaking to the dead."

Close Close

A few weeks ago Irrational released the first Heavy Hitters trailer, showing off the Motorized Patriot. That was followed by a look at the Handymen bosses and lastly the Boys of Silence.

Speaking in a recent interview with CVG, Levine said the Heavy Hitters will add more variety and strategy to the franchise's combat.