Everybody's Tennis pulled from PS Store 'over Vita hacking fears'

Exploit reportedly allows users to run homebrew games

Sony has removed PSP game Everybody's Tennis from the PlayStation Store over fears it could be exploited to play pirated content on Vita.


The Vita-compatible title is said to have a vulnerability that could lead to the execution of external code. MotorStorm Arctic Edge was recently pulled from the PS Store for the same reason. claims (via Edge) that both games enable a software trick to be used that gives access to the handheld's core functionality, allowing users to run homebrew games, although not pirated PSP or Vita ones.

Numerous firmware updates and even the release of the digital-only PSPgo proved ineffective when it came to combating rampant PSP piracy, but Sony says it has moved to stop history repeating itself with Vita, which it claims offers 'long term piracy protection'.