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Ridge Racer Unbounded review - 9/10 in Edge

"One of the most subversive, sublime street-racing games ever made"

FlatOut developer Bugbear Entertainment has taken some risks with Ridge Racer Unbounded, ditching the vanilla lap-after-lap racing gameplay of the series for something a little more wild and bombastic. If Edge's Ridge Racer Unbounded review is any indication the risk was worth it.


Edge says Bugbear Entertainment has "gripped Ridge Racer by the scruff of the neck and whipped the game into action-racing relevancy" by crafting a racing game "all about controlling chaos."

Unbounded's race tracks are given special praise for their layout and destructibility: "Initially, it's incomprehensible: some walls crumble to dust, while others stop you dead in your tracks. But once you've deciphered the plethora of assets, the sense of empowerment and achievement is up there with the genre's best, and accompanied by the thunderous beating of your pulse".

According to Edge's review the developer puts its years worth of experience creating FlatOut to good use in Unbounded, which strikes "the perfect balance between realism and exaggeration."

"Destroyable objects react to your bumper as you'd expect, yet don't fatally slow you down. Civilian traffic never thwarts your advantage, flipping out of your way and often smashing into the windscreen of your rivals. It helps that the framerate is so smooth, never stuttering despite the constant presence of debris."

Edge's reviewer concludes by saying this "is the game Bugbear has been working towards for the past decade, delivered with pedal-flooring confidence and made possible thanks to what initially seemed an unlikely collaboration between a Japanese publisher and Scandinavian developer." It bookends its review with an impressive 9/10 review score.

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