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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - Kinect launch trailer

Better with Kinect?

EA has sent over the launch trailer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, which hits stores this week.


Tiger Woods himself said a while back that the Kinect integration far surpasses Wii motion controls.

"The Kinect is just amazing, how you can actually just swing and it captures the movement, I mean you can actually make a true golf swing," said the golfer.

"I think this is the next generation, where you're going to get a whole new influx of people playing the game because now it's going to become not just a stick and a controller. What Wii did is one thing, the Wii motion, but now this Kinect is just going to blow it off the handle."

It's certainly a cool concept, but let's just hope the execution's as good as the trailer is cheesy. Are you interested in picking this up, readers?

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