Battlefield 3 item unlock shortcuts on sale

Beginners can pay up to skip the unlock process

Battlefield 3 players can now pay to unlock items that would normally take lot of playtime to acquire.


Item and weapon shortcut packs will go on sale today via the PlayStation Store and in-game shop, allowing new players to quickly get all the good gear that long-term players are using, which might help prevent you getting your arse handed to you (or at least eliminate the age-old excuse 'they've got better guns').

There are 10 shortcut items available, including the following:

- Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
- Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
- The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs

Developer DICE also tells gamers who own the Back to Karkand DLC on PS3 to re-download it if they've not yet done so since March 13. "The new revision of Back to Karkand that went live March 13 contains a bug fix that fixes the weapon animation bug on Back to Karkand maps. It also has some critical fixes to our back end code that ensures a smooth compatibility with future expansion packs such as Close Quarters and Armored Kill," it explains.

This follows a massive free update released for the PS3 version today.