'Kojima is terrible at making games,' says Cave Story dev

"Konami doesn't make good stuff," reckons Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez

Tyrone Rodriguez, formerly editor-in-chief at IGN and now producer at indie game studio Nicalis, has said he thinks the Metal Gear series is good "in spite" of its "terrible" creator, Hideo Kojima.


During an interview with IndieGames, Rodriguez considered whether recent criticism of Japanese developers by fellow indie dev Phil Fish was valid. Although he offered praise to Eastern developed titles Demon's Souls, Street Fighter IV and The World Ends with you, he wasn't as positive when the conversation moved to Konami.

"Konami doesn't make good stuff," he said before moving on to Kojima specifically, "He's terrible at making games. Metal Gear is good in spite of him. I haven't enjoyed a game of his since maybe the original Metal Gear Solid, maybe."

Rodriguez's studio Nicalis is known primarily for its well received ports of Cave Story and VVVVVV, as well as physics-based platform puzzler NightSky.

Following his scathing assessment of Konami and Kojima, Rodriguez offered up some advice for indie game developers.

"The main thing I want to see from indie developers is to stop calling themselves indie developers," he said. "You're either a game developer or you're not. Indie has nothing to do with it. It's like this cool buzzword now. Do you make games? Okay, then you're a game developer."

[ SOURCE: Escapist ]