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EMI suing over unpaid Def Jam Rapstar royalties

Music group wants $8 million in damages

British multinational music group EMI has filed a suit against 4mm Games and Terminal Reality for Def Jam Rapstar music licensing royalties.


According to Hollywood Reporter EMI is claiming substantial damages from the theft of songs from artists including Kanye West, DMX and Lil Wayne.

EMI claims it has contacted the opposing parties for royalties but its demands have been ignored and executives at 4mm have been unreachable.

The company is asserting part-owership of many of the infringed tracks in the game, including a 10 percent ownership in DJ Khaled's "I'm So Hood," 16 percent ownership in MIMS' "This Is Why I'm Hot," and 30 percent ownership of Lil Wayne's "Got Money".

The label lists a total of 54 songs that have been infringed and is demanding $150,000 in statutory damages for each work infringed, taking the total upwards of eight million dollars.