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'I'm now finding myself incredibly bored with just about all genres of games'

Do you suffer from gaming fatigue?

On last week's mailbox Jonathan Park got in touch to have brand Bethesda as a bunch of 'cowboy developers' because of shoddy work on the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim.

This week we've got Sam Bray, who says he's having a hard time enjoying games these days.

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I've been gaming for about 22 of my 28 years of life, from the Amstrad and Mega Drive to the PS3, but I'm now finding myself incredibly bored with just about all genres of games. I'm completing first-person shooter games within three to six hours. I used to love RPGs, but now I end up watching the FMV's online instead. It's all becoming more like a chore.

I do get odd moments of enjoyment such as with Xenoblade Chronice land Vanquish, but even the new Zelda Skyward Sword I found so disappointing. I gave it to the first teen stranger I met in town.

Is it from playing too many games or from reading too much information on new releases that when I get the game, I feel underwhelmed? I ask you, how do your reviewers continue to enjoy games so much. What advice would you give to rekindle my passion in games?

GM says: You can't force yourself to enjoy a hobby - if you find it's becoming a chore, take a rest for a while, or be more selective over what you buy. Don't worry, you'll be back - gaming is in your and our blood - but it's okay to take a break every now and then.

CVG says: It's always to take a break now and then, give yourself a chance to miss it. Alternatively why not sample different types of games, a few of us here at team CVG like to dip into iOS or indie games to cleanse the palette. Cheaper, less lavish experiences now and then can be reinvigorating, we're dipping in and out of Dustforce while playing Mass Effect 3 at the moment, it's great.

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